Laundry to Landscape Workshop Materials

Learn how to install a laundry to landscape greywater system in your own home during this hands-on workshop~ December 4

~Evaluation Form: workshop attendees please take 5 minutes to let us know what you think!

Workshop Materials:

2016- Powerpoint slides

2015-Powerpoint slides

Greywater system user manual – template

Irrigation sizing worksheet

Three-way valve handle direction pictures 

Soil absorption formula sheet

Greywater system components diagram

More Links:

Learn more about requirements of no-permit greywater systems in California

Learn more about Laundry-to-Landscape systems from Daily Acts

Contact: Jemma Williams, or 707-252-4189 x3117

Hosts: Napa County RCD, City of Napa Water Division, County of Napa- Public Works