LandSmart for Kids



LandSmart™ for Kids brings together students, teachers, community volunteers, land managers, and natural resource professionals to complete on-the-ground restoration. In-class and field experiences meet the needs of the teacher’s curriculum, and the California Department of Education State Standards. Each year over 1,300 students are served by LandSmart for Kids in Napa County. Our goal is for every school in Napa County to participate.

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Click here for summary of 2013-2015 program accomplishments. 

The LandSmart for Kids family of programs  includes:

  • Clean Water Initiative: Involving elementary students in keeping our waters and watershed clean
  • Acorns to Oaks: Involving middle school students in oak restoration
  • Youth Stewards: Involving high school students in local ecology, restoration, and natural resource professions
  • DIY at the Eco Reserve: A field trip guide for teachers and docents, containing activities for field trips to the Napa River Ecological Reserve, Napa’s unique outdoor classroom
  • Napa Youth Stewardship Council: Extracurricular leadership training for high school students to benefit community and watersheds

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