Rutherford Reach Restoration


Private-Public Cooperation Improves Napa River

The Rutherford Reach Restoration Project is an initiative that was started in 2002 by the Rutherford Dust Society, a non-profit association of vintners and growers in the Rutherford Appellation, that aims to restore the 4.5 mile Rutherford Reach of the Napa River in order to rehabilitate the local riparian and aquatic habitats. This project is an exceptional example of cooperation between private and public entities with 100% landowner participation, and has received congressional recognition for pioneering river restoration effort on private property.

After over a decade of hard work, the Rutherford Reach Restoration Project has significantly improved the quality and stability of local riparian and aquatic habitats for around 70% of the 4.5 mile stretch of the Napa River. The RCD has been involved in the project since it’s inception and is currently supporting project coordination, conducting project effectiveness monitoring, and assisting with maintenance and monitoring surveys in conjunction with Tessera Sciences. This is an ongoing project that is expected to be completed in 2015.

Quick facts:

  • Significance: This public-private parntership is implementing a multi-benefit restoration project along 4.5 miles of the Napa River in the vicinity of Rutherford.
  • Where: Napa River between Zinfandel Lane and Oakville Cross Road • Results: Thusfar, the Rutherford reach project has significantly improved conditions for 70% of the Rutherford Reach and should be completed in 2015.
  • Funds: Napa County Measure A, EPA, Regional Water Quality Control Board, State Water Resources Control Board, Department of Fish and Wildlife, American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, California Coastal Conservancy, California Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Partners: 28 landowners, The Rutherford Dust Society, Napa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, RCD, Napa County Department of Public Works, Tessera Sciences, ESA, Jones & Stokes