Dry Creek Barrier Removal

drycreek before2

Above: Dry Creek Fish Barrier, before removal         Below: Fish can pass freely after the barrier on Dry Creek was removed


Seasonal Dam Removed to Make Way for Fish

A seasonal water impoundment structure built in 1965 and used for frost protection was removed to provide improved fish passage to over 16 miles of high-quality stream habitat in the Dry Creek watershed. Hall Wines installed wind-machines to protect their vineyards and partnered with the RCD and NRCS to successfully remove the structure and restore the creek to a more natural condition. This project was among the first of many fish barrier removal projects in the Napa River watershed coordinated by the RCD to improve access and riparian conditions in our local waterways.

Quick facts:

  • Significance: Dry Creek offers significant high quality habitat for steelhead spawning and rearing; however, access to the area was partially blocked by a water impoundment structure approximately 1/2 mile upstream from the Napa River.
  • Where: Dry Creek, north of Napa
  • Results: The barrier was successfully removed in 2007 and resulted in improving access to over 16 miles of high-quality habitat. Fish were seen just months after project completion.
  • Funds: Natural Resources Conservation Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, State Water Resources Control Board, Hall Wines.
  • Partners: RCD, Hall Wines, Natural Resources Conservation Service, California Conservation Corps, Laurel Marcus & Associates, Heidi & Williams, Inc.