WILD NAPA ~ Lichens ~ Oct 12

Get to know Napa County’s wild creatures with our monthly lecture series

When: 2nd Wednesdays, 7 pm

Where: Napa Main Library, 580 Coombs St, Napa ~ Magazine Area

Cost: Free. Please note that voluntary donations are solicited via a donation basket. All donations gathered at WILD NAPA go towards speaker fees and coordination time associated with WILD NAPA.

Sponsors: RCD, Watershed Information & Conservation Council, Friends of the Napa River, Napa Valley Vintners, Carolyn Parr Nature Center, and Napa County Library

October 12 ~ The World of Lichens 

Shelly Bensen, California Lichen Society

Lichens are found all around us, growing in nearly every habitat and on almost any surface. However, these abundant creatures are often overlooked. Shelly Benson, president of the California Lichen Society, will explain this fascinating fungal-algal relationship known as, the lichen. Join us to learn about the ecological importance of lichens and how humans have used them throughout time.





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