Tools for Efficient Water Use in the Vineyard – June 9

Tools for Efficient Water Use in the Vineyard

June 9, 8:15 – 11 am, Raymond Vineyard


The State’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: What it means for us

  Patrick Lowe, Napa County,

CODE’s BMPs for water management and other tools

  Lisa Francioni-Hai, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance,

Energy efficiency rebates for irrigation projects

  Ashley Roberts, PG&E,


Mobile Irrigation Lab evaluates performance of irrigations systems

  Charles Schembre, Napa County RCD,

Surface renewal and vine-stress monitoring for irrigation scheduling

  Tom Shapland, Tule Technologies,

Soil moisture and vine water status measurements for precise and efficient water management   Mark Greenspan, Advanced Viticulture,

Sap flow monitoring within an holistic solution to optimize vineyard and resource management   Virginie Scoarnec, Fruition Sciences,


Presented by:

RCD, Community Alliance for Family Farmers, CA Department of Water Resources, North Bay Watershed Association

Thanks to Raymond Vineyard for hosting