Scott Creek Restoration

scott creek

Scott Creek Restoration Reestablishes Riparian Splendor

When several old earthen dams began to fail in Scott Creek in the early 2000’s, large amounts of sediment began to be introduced into the creek each year, and especially after large precipitation events. It was estimated that this site contributed approximately half of the fine sediment being delivered to Carneros Creek. Fine sediments can degrade the quality of aquatic habitat by building up in creekbeds and eliminating otherwise ideal spawning conditions. The landowner expressed interest in removing the earthen dams and three old and failing stream crossings and the RCD followed up and helped put the project together and find funding for implementation.

The RCD worked with Pacific Watershed Associates and the Natural Resource Conservation Service to develop the plan, and in 2009, the project was complete, preventing approximately 5,500 cubic yards of fine sediment from entering the creek system. Post-project, local volunteers, including 300 students from the Harvest Middle School, Eagle Scouts, and Napa Valley CanDo planted 1,500 native plants along the banks to provide stability and habitat for local wildlife.

Quick facts:

  • Significance: Three earthen dams installed in Scott Creek to create livestock ponds had begun to fail, resulting in large amounts of sediment being transported into Carneros Creek. The site also featured some severely eroded stream crossings and extensive stretches of non-native invasive plant species.
  • Where: Carneros Creek watershed, southwest of Napa.
  • Results: The dams were removed and the stream crossings were either updated or removed, which helped to prevent around 5,500 cubic yards of sediment from being introduced into Carneros Creek. Also, volunteers planted native plants along the restored banks to provide bank stability and habitat for native wildlife.
  • Funds: Scannell Properties LLC, State Water Resources Control Board, Saintsbury
  • Partners: Pacific Watershed Associates, Charles Hope Construction, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Napa Valley CanDo, Harvest Middle School, Eagle Scouts