Rainfall Update ~ March 2017

It rained, it poured

As of the end of March, the monitoring stations in the Napa County ALERT Rainfall Monitoring System have recorded rainfall totals between 42.74 inches (City of Napa) and 93.06 inches (Mt. St. Helena).  On average, the totals of the 17 rain gauges in the Valley indicate that we’ve received 167% of mean annual precipitation.  Water Year (WY) 2016-17 has now surpassed WY 2005-06 as the wettest in the 16-year ALERT System historical record.

As reported in Berry Eberling’s recent Napa Register article, Napa Valley rainfall records are commonly based on the Napa State Hospital rain gauge, which has operated near continuously since 1893.  At this gauge, 40.55 inches of rain have been logged through March making WY 2016-17 so far the seventh wettest in the long-term record.  In the number one spot is WY 1982-83 with a recorded total of 50.19 inches.

– Paul Blank, Senior Hydrologist, paul@naparcd.org