Re-oaking the Valley


Oaks are a big part of Napa’s heritage and identity. Our goal is to protect this legacy for future generations by helping ensure that new seedlings get established in areas that have been deforested (sometimes over a hundred years ago). Thanks in part to eager landowners, opportunities for re-oaking abound. RCD partners with Friends of the Napa River in programs that add oaks to our valleys. By 2018, our goal is to plant 5000 oaks through the Acorns to Oaks program and Community Planting Days and track the success of the planting with volunteers from our Oak Monitoring Team.

View the Oak Planting Map to see where we’ve planted so far!

Help us meet our goal:

  • Plant oaks on your land or offer your land for our school or community plantings. Contact us if you want to learn more about this option.
  • Make a donation to Re-Oaking the Valley today!

RCD’s re-oaking efforts are funded in part by the California Coastal Conservancy, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Friends of the Napa River.