Request for Proposals – On-call Unpaved Road Maintenance

Napa County Resource Conservation District (NCRCD) is inviting qualified Contractors to submit proposals to provide on-call general maintenance services for unpaved roads throughout Napa County. The NCRCD utilizes grant funds to help private landowners grade and shape unpaved dirt roads on private property to reduce erosion. Typical road maintenance activities include outsloping or crowning roads, creating rolling or critical dips, installing single-post trash racks and ditch relief culverts, and culvert replacement. Typically, these road maintenance services are conducted on hillside properties within a forested setting and may be in proximity to streams. NCRCD will provide detailed road-logs of treatments and typical drawings for road maintenance activities and will provide construction oversight. Download the Request for Proposals document below for full details. Request for Proposals   RFP issue date: Feb 21, 2017 Proposal due date:  March 21, 2017 at 3 pm Questions? Contact Bill Birmingham, 707-252-4189 x3116 ...

Rainfall Update – January 2017

How are we doing so far this Water Year? The Napa County Rainfall and Stream Monitoring System, also called the ALERT System, is a network of automated rain and stream gauges installed throughout the County that provides advanced warning of potential flooding.  Although flood warnings are the primary purpose of the ALERT System, data records from the 17 rain gauges can be assessed to better understand current water conditions in the Valley. Rainfall is measured as a depth, in inches, and rainfall depths vary by location.  So far, rainfall totals for Water Year (WY) 2016-17, from October 1 through January 31, range from ~ 26 inches in the eastern hills at the south end of the Valley to 51.53 inches on Mt. St. Helena.  In order to assess rainfall across the whole Valley, we compare the total for each gauge to the annual average for that specific gauge.  Even though Mt. St. Helena has received twice as much rain so far this year than the southern end of the Valley, both locations are between 105% and 110% of average.  Altogether, the 17 ALERT rain gauges indicate that so far the Napa Valley as a whole has received 110% of its average precipitation for the year. – Paul Blank, Senior Hydrologist,

Bark in the Park: Responsible Pet Walking – Feb. 26

Join us for a community dog walk to learn about responsible walking and hiking that also protects the environment. In order to preserve clean water, soil, and wildlife we will discuss simple things that dog owners can do to share the trails. Dogs must be on-leash and under voice control. Participants will receive a fact sheet, leash dispenser, and light-up dog tag! Bark in the Park (AmCan dog day) When: February 26, 3pm – 5pm Where: Wetlands Edge Trail, 2 Eucalyptus Drive, American Canyon, CA Cost: Free Sponsors: Napa County RCD, Napa Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, City of American Canyon Parks & Recreation For more information contact or call (707) 252-4189 x3120...