Murphy Creek

murphy barrier

Two Severe Fish Barriers Removed and 633 Feet of Habitat Made Available

Many short concrete weirs throughout Napa County were built to create pools for water diversion and recreation. Today, the vast majority of these weirs no longer serve their intended purpose and can often act as barriers to fish passage. Two such barriers were identified in Murphy Creek during an RCD Barrier Assessment project. These obsolete structures were significant due to the severity of the blockage to local fish populations. RCD staff worked with the landowner and in mid-September 2012 these two barriers were removed and 633 feet of channel length was made available for fish passage and spawning.

Quick facts:

  • Significance: Two artificial wiers on Murphy Creek were identified in 2010 as significant barriers to fish passage. These structures blocked off areas of Murphy creek that support steelhead trout.
  • Where: Murphy Creek, roughly 1 mile from the confluence of Tulucay and Murphy Creeks.
  • Results: The weirs were removed and resulted in the re-opening of 633 feet of channel length for fish passage and spawning grounds for steelhead.
  • Funds: Napa County Flood Control District, EPA
  • Partners: RCD, Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Murphy Creek homeowner