Heath Creek

heath creek barrier 

Two miles of habitat made available by the removal of 4 fish passage barriers

Just west of the City of St. Helena, the Heath Canyon watershed has beautiful habitat than can support significant numbers of steelhead trout. However, access to the habitat was restricted by a variety of stream crossings and check dams. In 2004 and 2005, the RCD worked with a partnering landowner and the Natural Resources Conservation Service to replace two culverted crossings with free span bridges, remove a concrete apron associated with an old summer check dam, and decommission a culverted earthen crossing. Associated riparian restoration was also implemented and native vegetation was planted in the project area. 

Quick facts:

  • Significance: Four fish passage barriers in a priority Napa River tributary were limiting fish migration and access to 2 miles of high quality habitat in the Heath Canyon watershed.
  • Where: Heath Creek, west of the City of St. Helena
  • Results: The four barriers were removed and resulted in the opening of 2-miles of high-quality spawning and rearing habitat for threatened steelhead.
  • Funds: California, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Center, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Landowner
  • Partners: RCD, NRCS, Heath Canyon Landowner, Acorn Soupe, STRAW, private contractors and engineers