Acorns to Oaks – Kit for Teachers

This kit was created for teachers, youth group leaders and others who wish to share their passion for oaks and lead acorn plantings.

The kit contains resources (files are in PDF file format) related to oak ecology, oak identification, propagating oaks via acorns, and oak-themed youth education activities.

For additional materials and guidance related to planting acorns and caring for seedlings, contact Eric.

Funding for the Kit comes from the CA Coastal Conservancy

(0) Introduction – Napa RCD

(1) Introduction to Oak Ecology – Napa RCD

(2) Four Common Oaks in Napa County – Napa RCD

(3) Oaks in Napa County – Jake Rugyt and Joe Callizo

(4) Planting Native Oaks – Napa RCD

(5) Guidelines for Planting Native Oaks – CA Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

(6) Biodiversity Study – Napa RCD

(7) Germination Experiment Guide – Napa RCD

(8) Calculating CO2 Sequestration US Department of Energy

(9) PLT 400-Acre Wood – Project Learning Tree

(10) PLT_walk_in_the_forest – Project Learning Tree

(11) Napa County Oak Woodland Management Plan – Napa County